A June­au, Alas­ka nati­ve, Mrs. App­le­baum has come a long way sin­ce her high school gra­dua­ti­on all the way up to get­ting a Brown Uni­ver­si­ty Master’s degree in Eco­no­mics. Talen­ted with the digits, she’s no less suc­cess­ful when it comes to mana­ging the human resour­ces of the company.

Mary App­le­baum, President President

Born in New York City, Eli­sa always felt a strong urge for being an ambi­tious over­achie­ver. Even­tual­ly, by the age of 25 she alrea­dy had recei­ved her first Wall Street exe­cu­ti­ve posi­ti­on, making her one of the youn­gest mana­gers in the com­pa­ny. With her over­all work expe­ri­ence span­ning over 2 deca­des, Mrs. 

Eli­sa Han­so­lo, Manager Manager

If you’d ask any of our workers, who is the exe­cu­ti­ve mana­ger that they’re always loo­king up and living up to, most likely Emily’s name will sur­face. Having a vast and tho­rough prac­ti­cal working expe­ri­ence las­ting for more than 18 years, Mrs. Blue­so­me is an ide­al mana­ger, who is always on time to hand­le eit­her…

Emi­ly Blue­so­me, Manager Manager

If you’d ever need to figu­re out a work­around for a com­pli­ca­ted busi­ness pro­blem, look no fur­ther than Diane’s desk for get­ting a tho­rough and all-roun­ded advice… She has been working in the indus­try for more than 20 years, knowing all the ins and outs per­fect­ly and tea­ching each mem­ber of our team.

Dia­ne Beaton, Manager Manager